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  • Seamless Checkered 100% Polyester Tablecloth
    120 Inch Round Seamless Checkered 100% Polyester Tablecloth

    Selected 800D thickened terylene, stronger abradability, very durable. 5A-grade color fastness, reactive printing and dyeing, bright color, never fade.

  • Round Table Cover White Hotel 70 Inch
    Round Table Cover White 70" Inch Solid 100% Polyester Wrinkle Free For Hotel

    Round / Square Table: 100% Polyester 70" Inch Round Table Cover White, fits for cake tables, accent tables, folding banquet tables, picnic tables, and dining tables

Napkin FAQ
Q1 .How to Washing method for cotton fabric?
A-In order to extend the service period of napkin and ensure the color fastness of dyed fabric, the following points should be noted when washing the napkin:

-Bleached and dyed napkin should be separated during washing. Before cleaning the napkin, it should be washed with water first, and then with detergent, which should be stirred evenly before placing the napkin. Otherwise, strong detergent, directly dripping onto the napkin will damage the product and  reduce the service time.

-The bleached napkin should be washed under 90°C and dyed napkin normally should be washed under 60°C.
-In order to ensure the color fastness of dyed napkin, fluorescent agent and detergent  containing  fluorescent agent should not be used during washing.
-When ironing the napkin, both the longitudinal and lateral ranges should be ironed, so as to make the napkin as upright as possible.
-You need regularly check the washing equipment strictly to ensure no sharp edges to hook or break  the napkin, causing unnecessary losses.

Q2. How to Washing method for chemical fiber

A-Matters needing attention for washing chemical fiber napkins:
Three key points of washing:
- Wash separately from other fabrics, otherwise the fibers on fabrics may stick to the napkin.
- Dyed products cannot be strongly bleached, so as not to affect the color fastness of products.
- The washing temperature should not be over 65°C and ironing temperature should not be over 170°C.

Q3. How to Oil stain cleaning method:

A-Our products are specially treated under oil resistance processing, so they are easier to clean than other  fabrics. If there is stubborn oil stain,

-you can use more (moderate) detergent and (moderate) high temperature to wash. You may add surfactants into the detergent as well. Or put the heavily stained product into the detergent and soak

it for several hours.

- Do not put those napkins still with oil stain into ironing machine, because after high temperature  treatment, oil stain will be more difficult to clean.

Q4. How to Solutions to avoid the folds of ironed napkin

A-The uncleanly ironing machine roller may cause continuous folds on the napkin.

So you need clean the roller two or three times every day.

-If the PH value of cleaned napkin is less than 5, folds will appear after ironing,
-so acid should be added to neutralize alkali when necessary to make the PH value of napkin become neutral (that is, between 6.5 and 7) after washing.

Dehydrating napkins only needs 2-3 minutes. After dehydration, napkins can be ironed immediately, and you needn’t dry or wait for a period of time before ironing, otherwise folds are easier to appear.

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