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  • Seamless Checkered 100% Polyester Tablecloth
    120 Inch Round Seamless Checkered 100% Polyester Tablecloth

    Selected 800D thickened terylene, stronger abradability, very durable. 5A-grade color fastness, reactive printing and dyeing, bright color, never fade.

  • Round Table Cover White Hotel 70 Inch
    Round Table Cover White 70" Inch Solid 100% Polyester Wrinkle Free For Hotel

    Round / Square Table: 100% Polyester 70" Inch Round Table Cover White, fits for cake tables, accent tables, folding banquet tables, picnic tables, and dining tables

  • How to improve the use rate and reduce wear and tear?

    How to improve the use rate and reduce wear and tear?


    How to improve the use rate and reduce wear and tear? 1. economic hotels: shampoo, Shower Gel capacity is best not to exceed 20ml, you can also use 10ml bags. Soap weight within 20g, no need to match the lotion and conditioner. 2. Purchase repeatedly washable slippers, both to improve the class, but also can play a non-slip, multiple washing can dilute the cost. 3. For the unified collation of unu...

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  • Why do hotels use white sheets

    Why do hotels use white sheets


    Clean and tidy Hotel bedding need to be used for many guests. And white is a color that can make people feel clean and tidy. Also it’s not easy to hide dirt. So guests needn’t worry about the hygiene as any stain can be seen clearly. Avoid fading All bed sheets, in whichever color, must fade after a long-time usage. Faded sheets make hotel guests feel that someone else slept in the bed, thus affec...

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  • What kind of bed linen does the hotel use?

    What kind of bed linen does the hotel use?


    Pure cotton bed linen is commonly used for hotel. The materials of bed sheets for different grades of hotels are diversified. Fabrics for bed sheets are generally divided into pure cotton, polyester-mixed and blends. Theirs characteristics as below: 1. The pure cotton sheet is most comfortable and breathable. Most consumers prefer pure cotton. And cotton sheets are most affordable. 2. Polyester-mi...

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  • How to choose best linen sheets?

    How to choose best linen sheets?


    The linen bed sheet has absorption functions to moisture and perspiration, so it can keep breathable and comfortable. Besides, Linen sheets are generally sterilized as the fibers on their surface are smooth and clean. 100% Pure Linen Sheet Set The linen is a kind of hypoallergenic material, which means that even allergy sufferers don't have to worry about touching the linen fabric or sleeping on l...

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  • Why do hotel sheets feel so good?

    Why do hotel sheets feel so good?


    1.Hotel bedding sheets should make people feel clean and comfortable. White is a color that can make you feel relaxed, warm and calm. Hotel is a place for you to get a temporary rest for one or more days. The white cotton hotel sheets are helpful for a good sleep. 2.Hotel sheets are usually made of high-count and high-density pure cotton fabrics. 60C or 80C cotton fabric is very smooth. All hotel ...

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  •  National Day Holiday Notice

    National Day Holiday Notice


    Dear All, The National Day is coming to the corner. We will be on holiday from Oct.1st ~7th. If anything urgent, just send us email to info@yrftextile.com. We will check the emails from time to time. YRF Textile 2018.09.30

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  •  New product launch event

    New product launch event


    New product launch event Today is our day of annual summer new product launch event. We invited totally 200 dealers countrywide, gathering in hotel, and also invited famous bedding expert Ye Qing to introduce popular styles, fabrics, colors in this year, as well as sales management and many other professional knowledge for us. In the newly released hotel bedding series, there are more than 200 typ...

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  • Charm of Five-Star Hotel Beddings

    Charm of Five-Star Hotel Beddings


    One of the most relaxing moments of our day is when we curl up in our comfort bed at night, letting the mind relax, letting the brain block out the distractions and slowly enter the dreamland. But if you travel a lot and have to sleep in different hotels and beds, will you toss and turn or be hard to sleep through the night? For business travelers, it's important to have a good sleep after a busy ...

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