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What kind of bed linen does the hotel use?

ure cotton bed linen manufacturer

Pure cotton bed linen is commonly used for hotel. The materials of bed sheets for different grades of hotels are diversified.

Fabrics for bed sheets are generally divided into pure cotton, polyester-mixed and blends.

Theirs characteristics as below:

1. The pure cotton sheet is most comfortable and breathable. Most consumers prefer pure cotton. And cotton sheets are most affordable.

2. Polyester-mixed sheets are mostly cheap, but not comfortable for sleep. And the polyester-mixed fabric may cause skin allergy. So hotels should consider carefully before buying this kind of sheets.

3. Blended bed sheets are fabrics made from polyester fiber and cotton. As blends have both advantages of pure cotton and polyester-mixed fabric, including comfortable, breathable, low shrinkage rate, most bed sheets in the current market are made from blends.

4. Blended bed sheets also have different grades. Superior blended bed sheets are even more expensive than common pure cotton bed sheets.

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