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  • Seamless Checkered 100% Polyester Tablecloth
    120 Inch Round Seamless Checkered 100% Polyester Tablecloth

    Selected 800D thickened terylene, stronger abradability, very durable. 5A-grade color fastness, reactive printing and dyeing, bright color, never fade.

  • Round Table Cover White Hotel 70 Inch
    Round Table Cover White 70" Inch Solid 100% Polyester Wrinkle Free For Hotel

    Round / Square Table: 100% Polyester 70" Inch Round Table Cover White, fits for cake tables, accent tables, folding banquet tables, picnic tables, and dining tables

Towel & bathrobe
Q1.How to pick a good towel?

--Water absorbency: A cotton towel is a good absorbent, take a soft cotton towel and gently put it in the water, and the water is quick to be absorbed, and the towel is going to go down quickly, and then wring the towel, and hang it. No water drops for cotton.

-- Appearance: cotton towels have good whiteness and the color is pure, T/C towel’s whiteness is not good, color is a little dark for white, and this is a good distinction.

-- Combustion method: Take a fiber from each towel and burn it with a lighter. The cotton has a natural smell of ashes. When the fire is put out, the spark does not go out, and the smoke is slightly white. T/C fiber is like solid after burning plastic, burning rapidly, there are peculiar smell, blowing fire, then all extinguished.

Q2.Howe To Environmental protection, whiteness up to level 5?

--Test approval of Intertek.After washing, the whiteness reaches level 5, lint-free level is level 4. It meets the EU textile standards.

Q3.What are Raw material?

--100% of imported cotton from Pakistan.The raw material is used as a top 100% of import of Pakistan’s A-class cotton.

Q4.How To towel sterilization!

*Put 2 teaspoons of salt in the basin and then add boiling water and melt it. *Immerse the towel completely in the water and soak it for 15 minutes.

*After 15 minutes, take out the towel, rinse with clean water, and wring out, and the towel is back to dry and crisp. --The solution to towel odor

* Pour Hot water, a cup of white vinegar and baking soda into the washing machine, stirring evenly. Put a towel in there for an hour.

*Add the white vinegar and detergent again and start cleaning. Finally, dry the towel.

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