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How to choose best linen sheets?

The linen bed sheet has absorption functions to moisture and perspiration, so it can keep breathable and comfortable. Besides, Linen sheets are generally sterilized as the fibers on their surface are smooth and clean.

100% Pure Linen Sheet Set

100% Pure Linen Sheet Set

The linen is a kind of hypoallergenic material, which means that even allergy sufferers don't have to worry about touching the linen fabric or sleeping on linen sheets.

White Linen Bedding Set

White Linen Bedding Set

Linen sheets belong to organic linen fabrics that do not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides, so they are natural and healthy.

The linen fabric can be used for up to 20 years. Because of high breathability and moisture absorption, pure linen can also effectively prevent and avoid stink, maintain a clean condition for a long time, and do not wrinkle easily.

(1) Through the light, check if the fineness of warp and weft yarns is even. If warp and weft yarns are too uniform, the fabric may be made from cotton.

(2) Tighten the fabric to check the compactness of weaving.

(3) High quality linen in original color is brown, shiny, and can absorb water evenly. If the quality of linen is inferior, even if treated to become soft, the fabric cannot absorb water evenly and will become dark after getting wet.

(4) For worsted linen, the less plush on the surface, the better.

(5) The vertical and horizontal tightness of half linen is different.

(6) Pull out a thread. If the ends are curved and branched, the thread is made from cotton. For torn linen thread, both ends should be smooth, otherwise the linen is not pure.

(7) If caustic soda water is applied to the fabric, the linen will appear yellow brown, the cotton will become pale yellow.

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