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Why do hotel sheets feel so good?

white cotton hotel sheets

1.Hotel bedding sheets should make people feel clean and comfortable. White is a color that can make you feel relaxed, warm and calm. Hotel is a place for you to get a temporary rest for one or more days. The white cotton hotel sheets are helpful for a good sleep.

2.Hotel sheets are usually made of high-count and high-density pure cotton fabrics. 60C or 80C cotton fabric is very smooth. All hotel bedding sheets, quilt covers and pillows are commonly white and made of pure cotton. The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn, and the woven fabric is denser, thus its texture is better.

3.Laundries usually use bleacher, softener and other cleaning products to make sheets white and soft. Of course, sterilization is an indispensable step among these procedures. After all, for many people to use, the hygiene should be assured.

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