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  • Seamless Checkered 100% Polyester Tablecloth
    120 Inch Round Seamless Checkered 100% Polyester Tablecloth

    Selected 800D thickened terylene, stronger abradability, very durable. 5A-grade color fastness, reactive printing and dyeing, bright color, never fade.

  • Round Table Cover White Hotel 70 Inch
    Round Table Cover White 70" Inch Solid 100% Polyester Wrinkle Free For Hotel

    Round / Square Table: 100% Polyester 70" Inch Round Table Cover White, fits for cake tables, accent tables, folding banquet tables, picnic tables, and dining tables

Bedding FAQ

Q1:What can be the fabric made into?

A:The fabric can be made into bed sheet, quilt cover, pillowcase and fitted sheet. We suggest a suit of bedding article uses one pattern.

Q2:What’s the difference between the fabrics used in the household bedding article and hotel bedding article?

A:The household fabrics are usually 16S, 21S and 32S. The yarns are thick and the fabrics are mainly processed by printing.However, the hotel fabrics usually have high yarn counts and a high density which are more than 40*40S. The hand feeling is smooth and the color is mainly pure white. Clients often reflect that bedding articles at home are not comfortable as those in hotels.

Q3:About the bedding quantity configuration?

① quilt, sheets, pillowcases, based on total number of beds x3 times to complete, (ie 100 beds * 3 = 300 units), as is the use

of the first set, the second alternate, third set of cleaning in three sets is constantly recycled.

② batteries, pillow, cushion, bed skirts, bed flag, square pillow ordered by number of beds, plus a few more than you can spare.

(Ie 100 beds: Order 105 sets), because these products do not have a day replacement.The reason is the difference in yarn count and density.

Q4:What is the fitted sheet?

To be short, the fitted sheet is a cloth directly covering on the mattress and its main use is to wrap the mattress.It’s very convenient to change it. Cut off four small squares in four corners of the sheet and sew them together, then put elastic bands on themso that the sheet can’t slip off.cover it on the mattress so that it can’t slip off the bed.

Q5:Why do we need to buy a protecting mat of bed?

①.Spring and summer are rainy seasons! Every corner is humid, breeding with many moulds and moths, so the air is very harmful to the health!We must use a good gas-permeable protecting mat of bed.

②.Bloodstain made by girls carelessly or vast sweats of guests, even children’ urine, these may be made on the mattress. Because the mattresscan’t be washed, it may smell bad for a long time. These cases contain more than one hundred micro active substances and easily cause breedingof bacteria. If use a protecting mat, it can have a function of separation, be convenient to be washed and can protect the mattress.

Q6:The difference between purified cotton and polyester

①The purified cotton has a good hand feel and it’s more comfortable. There’re many kinds of patterns. It’s soft and warm. It has strong water absorption.It’s washable. It causes less static electricity. So it’s a kind of material widely used in bedding articles. But it’s easier to wrinkle and shrink. It has a weakelasticity. It’s acid-resisting but not alkali-resisting. And it can’t be treated for a long time in a temperature higher than 100 degrees Celsius.

②.The polyester products are generally made from 50% dacron and 50% cotton-terylene. The fabric is thin. It has a good intensity and abrasive resistance.But it has a small shrinkage rate. Its finished product has a beautiful exterior and is more durable. However it’s less comfortable and fitted than purified cotton.

Q7:Difference the between bed sheet and the fitted sheet :

Bed sheet:1. a piece of flat cloth with cording enclosed around.2. wrap the mattress with cloth by manual work.3.fold the spare cloth under the mattress

Fitted sheet: 1.a piece of well-cut cloth according to the size and thickness of mattress.

2.Cut off four small squares in four corners of the sheet and sew them together, then put elastic bands on them.

3.cover it on the mattress so that it can’t slip off the bed.

Q8.What are my Payment method?

Pre-pay 30% deposit, 70% balance paid before delivery.

Q9.about  Price ?

Different densities, different prices, guests can quote the identified needs.

Q10.Standard Package?

With a waterproof membrane inside, outside carton, make adjustments based on the product's packaging size

Q11.Where is your loading port located?

Yantian port, Shenzhen ,Shekou port,Shenzhen or Huangpu port, Guangzhou.

Q12.About Embroidery LOGO?

Guests can choose embroidery add to the hotel's Shop Name, LOGO, put bed sheets, quilt cover, pillowcases surcharge.

Q13:Are your a trading company or a manufacturer?

A:We are factory and trading company.including Pillows, Duvets, Mattress protecoters.

Home and Hotel Bedding Sets, so on. With a workshop over 30000 square meters

and nearly 300 staff.

Q14: Where is your factory?

A:  Address:Yuan Bei 3 Road , Shazu Industrial Area, Jiujiang Town, Nan Hai District,Foshan City, Guang Dong Province, China.

One hours drive from Guangzhou.

Q15: Can you supply custom products?

A : Yes. We work on OEM orders,which means size/material/design/logo/packing/quantity etc. can be customized.

Q16: What information should I provide if I want to get a quotation?

A : Size, Material, Filling (if have), Package, Quantity. Please send us some pictures and designs for checking if

possibleso we can do best as your request. Otherwise, we will recommend relevant products with details for your reference.

Q17: How much will my linen shrink?

A : When you wash a 100% cotton product for the first time it typically will shrink 8-10% with very minimal shrinkage

taking place in future washes. 100% Cotton  products shrink slightly less, around 5-6%, this is because they are usually

have a much higher thread count.

Q18:Should you wash your linen before using?

A : We recommend washing all linens before using. Linens typically come straight from the manufacturing process and for hygiene purposes we washing before use.

Q19:What is benefits of polyester?

A : Polyester is where long chain polymer fibres are chemically composed of at least 85% by weight of an ester, an dihydric alcohol and a telephthalic acid. When Polyester is woven into the yarn it has a far greater amount of strength and elasticity than a cotton yarn. The polyester yarn also improves the dimensional stability by not shrinking and retaining its original shape. It is more economical friendly, as polyester products dry much quicker and crease less after washing.

Q20 :What is Calendered explained?

A: cotton fabric that has undergone a special finishing process incorporating heat and pressure to appear more lustrous.

Q21 :  What is jacquard?

A :Jacquard loom makes it possible to control each warp thread so that each and every warp end can be raised or lowered at will to form an intricate design. Originally controlled by a punched card system sometimes called the first computer, today the loom is fed by computer generated information that eliminates the cards, making design changes faster and more efficient. Jacquard is characterized as a pattern woven into a fabric; either a surface effect, or a pattern produced with coloured yarns.

Q22 :How to wash and look after your pillow.Duvet and topper how to wash and look after your pillow.Duvet and topper .

A:Step 1

Remove the item from the outer carton and polythene packaging and lay it flat on the bed, which will allow air to immediately circulate around and begin the expansion process. For pillows, leave for approximately 5 minutes. For duvets and toppers leave up to 24 hours. During this time the product will begin to expand and develop to its normal loft.

Step 2

Taking the product in each hand and starting at the centre of each side, gently pad.  This will allow inner fibres to spread evenly whilst allowing more air to circulate in and around them thus increasing loft throughout the body.   Repeat this process until the product appears even. It is very important to ‘tease’ the product and NOT to shake as this will cause compacting of the fibres/filling and produce lumpiness.

Q23: How to wash?

A: Our pillows, duvets and toppers can be washed in a domestic washing machine with the Duvet wash programme, or failing that a Synthetic pgramme. If you r machine does not have one of these settings we advise washing  at 30°C and tumble dried on a low heat. After laundering please follow step 2 to return the pillow to normal.

Q24 : How to quickly identify your size ?

A:Our duvet covers and sheets generally include a coloured tab or stitching to assist with size identification. When storing linen, ensure the identification marks are easily visible to save time and check stock levels much more efficiently.

Q25 : How to quickly identify your size?

A:When storing linen, ensure the identification marks are easily visible to save time and check stock levels much more efficiently.

1:Blue tab or stitching - single size

2:Orange tab or stiching - single sheet alternative size

3:Red tab or stitching - double size

4:Gold tab or stitching - king size

5:Purple tab or stitching - king sheet alternative size

6:Green tab or stitching - super king size

7:Black tab or stitching - super king sheet alternative size

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